마마무 (MAMAMOO) - 음오아예 (Um Oh Ah Yeh) MV


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MAMAMOO joins the flood of idol group comebacks with the single “Um Oh Ah Yeh”

MAMAMOO members themselves have participated in writing and composing the music, and producer Kim Do Hoon is said to have made countless changes to the track to ensure a high-quality sound.

MAMAMOO has come up with a unique concept for each of their albums, and this time, it’s dressing up as men. Make sure to keep an eye out for Park Bo Ram’s cameo appearance in the music video.

빌보드가 선정한 2015 슈퍼루키 마마무가 두번째 미니앨범 ‘Pink Funky’로 돌아왔다.

마마무는 지난 4월 싱어송라이터 에스나(eSNa)와 함께 스페셜 콜라보레이션 싱글 곡 ‘AHH! OOP! (아훕!)을 발매하고 짧은 활동으로 대중들에게 큰 아쉬움을 남겼지만 6월 19일 컴백을 알리며 걸그룹 대전에 합류하게 되었다.

이제 데뷔 1년차가 된 마마무에게 이번 활동은 새로운 아이돌 그룹 홍수 속에서 흔들림 없이 자리잡기 위한 중요한 요소이다. 이 때문에 이번 미니앨범 ‘Pink Funky’는 그 어느 때보다도 신중을 기해 만들어졌다.

또한, 이번 앨범에는 마마무 멤버들이 직접 작사, 작곡에 참여하여 한층 더 업그레이드 된 음악적 기량을 선보이고 있다.

마마무는 이번에 ‘남장여자’라는 마케팅 전략을 내세워 영화나 드라마에서만 주로 봐왔던 특수분장까지 감행, 완벽한 남자로 변신하여 컴백 전 총 3편으로 제작된 ‘남자 탐구 생활’이라는 트레일러 영상을 자체 제작했다. 마마무는 트레일러 영상을 통해 자신들이 남자가 되면 해보고 싶었던 것들을 경험하며 타이틀 곡 ‘음 오 아 예’의 의미를 전달했다.

남자가 된 마마무의 모습은 트레일러 영상뿐만 아니라 뮤직비디오에도 발견할 수 있다. 마마무는 촬영 당시 3시간이 넘게 특수분장을 하고 하루 반나절 넘는 시간 동안 그 모습으로 열연을 펼치며 열정을 불태웠다.

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  • hannah
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    i can’t believe i’ve lived this long without knowing mamamoo existed

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    It's Marga

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  • dont mind me im just rly gay

    dont mind me im just rly gay

    4 muaj më parë

    girl saame. i just discovered them like 5 days ago and im in love

  • Axel Blaze
    Axel Blaze9 muaj më parë

    I'm still wondering how they made wheein look like a completely different person-

  • deez kacang

    deez kacang

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    are we just gonna ignore the fact that they turned hwasa into handsome squid ward 😭

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    Kpop Scenario

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  • angelyeol chan
    angelyeol chanVit më parë

    Fact: Only Mamamoo can do this...

  • mochisungkpop


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    @Fujoshi Otaku dude what. I’m what way is this factual 😭

  • Wheein Queen

    Wheein Queen

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    It is true

  • Fujoshi Otaku

    Fujoshi Otaku

    4 muaj më parë

    And not to be rude but no girl can look like a boy just by wearing a wig. They need a lot of makeup and all only Moonbyul can do it just by wearing a wig and just like that she tranforms into a different gender and person.

  • phantom walker nctzen

    phantom walker nctzen

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    Most truest fact

  • Mikko Jung 🙋‍♂️

    Mikko Jung 🙋‍♂️

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    YAS & I love them even more.

  • Arson
    ArsonVit më parë

    “Unnie(older sister) who’s this girl” “Your a girl!!!” “OH MAH GAWD”

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  • Anastasia
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    That's pretty funny.

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    The funniest com!ent I have seen up till now

  • SweetPinkCaramel
    SweetPinkCaramel6 muaj më parë

    Solar: I love Byul Hwasa: I love Solar Moonbyul: I love me Wheein: I love food

  • T0AST3DR03S
    T0AST3DR03S6 muaj më parë

    Ok so lemme get this straight- Moonbyul: minding her own business Solar: Trying to be flirty to get Moonbyul’s attention Hwasa: Trying to get Solar’s attention Wheein: being a mood

  • T0AST3DR03S


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    @sri ramasasa oh heyyy

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    sri ramasasa

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    @T0AST3DR03S Yow,imma fan of your ALthe channel

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    @T0AST3DR03S hehe

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    Nah it's not "let me get this straight." It's "let me get this gay."

  • Rebecca Blink
    Rebecca BlinkVit më parë

    3:17 im DEADDDD

  • Narayan Krishnan

    Narayan Krishnan

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    @just for fun that girl in skates tells Solar that the "boy" she is flirting with is actually a girl. And she's like "AW MA GAWD!"

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    Shu-chan Exo

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    @Sue Lee thank you. I wasn’t sure. I have seen her before, but I never knew her name until now.

  • Sharon Bernal
    Sharon BernalVit më parë

    Moonbyul's acting is amazing Acting like she would reject Solar

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    Giseli _

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    bichomalo gabriella

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    Marta Marinelli

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    You killed me, she Is a good actress, she rejected Solar

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    Bored person

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    My babies have grown a lot. So proud of them

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    Tricey_Xo7 muaj më parë

    This is my first time hearing of this group, so far I've listened to: go Bebe, egotistical, and this one but I can already tell that Hwasa is going to be my bias and she looks great with short hair! I hardly recognized her for a moment- like how is she and wheein so cute?

  • Tricey_Xo


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    @un used Thank you!

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    un used

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    welcome ! :D

  • Tricey_Xo


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    I'm just thinking of how much fun they probably had while shooting this

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    Killed by RYUJIN

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    Shambhavi Deshpande

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  • outrageousfatcats


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  • Moomoo angel

    Moomoo angel

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    Pink Funky is an amzing and funny album , do it !!! >.

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    Aydilisa BlinkMuaj më parë

    This M/V is so fun to watch and it just screams Mamamoo, never gets old. I can’t take my off them especially Solar

  • Maki
    Maki7 muaj më parë

    MAMAMOO has to be the most well rounded all around group right now. They can go from cute and sweet to soulful and mellow without sounding or looking like they are out of their league. They can do it all and should be praised as such! 👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️👑❤️

  • YT Burner
    YT Burner6 muaj më parë

    2 days ago, I started listening to Mamamoo's discography and so far this is my favorite song! I also just learned today that Wheein already left their company. She's slowly becoming my first bias in the group and reading that news made me sad even though she's still with Mamamoo (until December 2023 according to the contract). Nonetheless, I'll still continue to learn more about the group and the members 💖

  • The Other Side

    The Other Side

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    @YT Burner ok!

  • YT Burner

    YT Burner

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    @The Other Side She just left the company but is still with Mamamoo

  • The Other Side

    The Other Side

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    Wheein left??? Omg that's sad

  • R moo

    R moo

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    we hope all other girls leave that dumb company too cos they only sabotaged them and never promoted them as they should solar moonbyul hwasa wheein all deserve the best

  • jannie
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  • ʚ♡ɞ


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    sooyoung Huh no it is not I’m actually a man it is It was a girl?

  • robert patterson

    robert patterson

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    @Nathy Moonsun just look for the videos when they have all the ad-libs in a mash-up because there are two parts to it

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    Nathy Moonsun

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  • zero


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    The “Unnie who’s this girl” “I’m actually a man” WAS ICONIC

  • Nom Nom
    Nom NomVit më parë

    Can we all appreciate how handsome Hwasa is here and Moonbyul looks like Xiumin😭😂❤️✨

  • Paula Pabustan
    Paula Pabustan2 muaj më parë

    imagine going to a bathroom stall and seeing mamamoo singing um oh ah yeh

  • yeonlakhae me
    yeonlakhae me25 ditë më parë

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  • 김채연
    김채연10 muaj më parë

    I've lived a whole damn life without knowing my queens exist (T-T)

  • BTS's Wifeu
    BTS's WifeuVit më parë

    Moonbyul looks better than any man in a suit. Period.

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    Atiny 🔆

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  • Kpop Scenario

    Kpop Scenario

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  • spicyjinglebells


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    @Rania Safira Please dont compare groups. They're all unique so dont do that.

  • BTS's Wifeu

    BTS's Wifeu

    9 muaj më parë

    @Periodt Dex Actually thanks for sending me notification.. I did not even realize I got so many likes for my comment. 🤣

  • Periodt Dex

    Periodt Dex

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  • Teacher Kenny Callow
    Teacher Kenny Callow3 muaj më parë

    these girls are so funny, i want them to be my besties

    HARSIMRAN KAUR4 muaj më parë

    Lockdown helped me discover so many beautiful fandoms including mamamoo ❤️❤️❤️

  • WhyNotYuri Anime
    WhyNotYuri AnimeMuaj më parë

    English Translations: Oh yes um oh ah yeh I’m falling for you, I keep reacting to you Oh yes um oh ah yeh I will go to you, you are just my taste, ace You passed by me, our eyes met I like your style, I like this feeling Nothing’s different today It’s getting hotter because of you I like it today um oh ah yeh First plan I’m marveling You’re the guy I’ve been looking for um oh ah yeh You look good on me like my many clothes These soft words What do you think? Second plan, I’ll pull you in first My eyes are shaking, stand by, cue If you have time, wanna get some tea? Yes, how about this? Oh yes um oh ah yeh I’m falling for you, I keep reacting to you Oh yes um oh ah yeh I will go to you, you are just my taste, ace I’ll follow my instincts, I won’t hide myself Today is different, I’ll go to you first My walk is chic, my words are cute Your eyes that look at me, um oh ah yeh help me Do you have some time? Help me Because of you, my five senses are acting up Because of your unpredicted smile Your manner would make even Colin Firth weep Your skin might get mistaken for a woman Your existence alone makes me marvel Um oh ah yeh Without knowing, it’s getting hotter Holy Shh Oh yes um oh ah yeh I’m falling for you, I keep reacting to you Oh yes um oh ah yeh I will go to you, you are just my taste, ace Your voice, oh yes Your eye smile, oh yes Everything about you From your head to your toes, oh yes When I see you, oh yes When I see you, oh yesh Just us two, oh yesh Oh yes It’s getting hotter The distance between me and you One girl is walking in between us Is she his girlfriend or just a friend? “Unni, who is that girl?” “It was a girl?” Oh my god Oh yes um oh ah yeh I’m falling for you, I keep reacting to you Oh yes um oh ah yeh I will go to you, you are just my taste, ace Your voice, oh yes Your eye smile, oh yes Everything about you From your head to your toes, oh yes credit goes to Maria Kwonnn

  • winter
    winterVit më parë

    연기력들 보소 표정들이 완벽하게 살아있다

  • starryyuri
    starryyuri2 vjet më parë

    Ok so Hwasa likes Solar Solar likes Moonbyul Wheein likes food

  • seokjin's bitch

    seokjin's bitch

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    lmao wheein likes ggomo too

  • Tuğba Bulut

    Tuğba Bulut

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    I like Wheein because i am food

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    # ; yyoungedxn -

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    Tiffany Fu

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    I live, breathe mamamoo once i discovered this ultimate K-pop group!

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    Zancrow4 muaj më parë

    MV like this is so fun. Can't believe it's 6 years ago cause they look so stylish

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    LesiaVit më parë

    This MV might be one of my favourite. It certainly always lifts my mood.

  • pasteltaeedits 🤎
    pasteltaeedits 🤎5 muaj më parë

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  • _.Thiraphol_ LANE
    _.Thiraphol_ LANE6 muaj më parë

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  • 𝐺𝐼𝐺𝐼
    𝐺𝐼𝐺𝐼Muaj më parë

    me encanta

  • Michell Piala
    Michell Piala2 muaj më parë

    the music, the soul, the impact, the conversation is beyond imaginable. Love how pure in every aspect this girls are.

  • June94
    June944 vjet më parë

    Hwasa=powerful, strong woman Solar=Beautiful, sassy woman wheein=innocent, graceful lady Moonbyul=cool, rocking lady

  • Johnny Brown

    Johnny Brown

    3 vjet më parë

    @JP wow ur sounds like a hater and so evil stfu being feminist is cool she is beautiful Moonbyul is just a tomboy ur dumbass Solar is not dumb and Wheein is not akward just cute😎

  • Sofia


    4 vjet më parë

    Yeh we know 💘

  • Thư Trần

    Thư Trần

    4 vjet më parë

    Apple Pie I thought moonbyul is gentle woman , cool

  • JP


    4 vjet më parë

    Let me fix that for you Hwasa=Woman that is apparently disgusted at everything, probably a feminist Solar=Hot dumb basic girl Wheein=Socially awkward introvert Moonbyul: Transgender

  • lola is tired

    lola is tired

    4 vjet më parë

    Apple Pie you called a girl called “daddy Wheein” (as a joke) innocent? I mean that kind of does describe her. I think kind is a better fit though.

  • ArmyxMoa
    ArmyxMoaMuaj më parë

    Ahhh, I LOVE this song and the MV

  • Naomi Atsuki
    Naomi Atsuki11 muaj më parë

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  • Gen-z Faith
    Gen-z FaithVit më parë

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    nooyug2 vjet më parë

    Moonbyul : Casually being the tomboy she is Solar : flirts with Moonbyul Hwasa : flirts with Solar Wheein : *EATING*

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    Fujoshi Otaku

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    They showed their true nature 😂

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    @Sandhya Jalan ㅇㅈ



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    Marta Marinelli

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    ~I'M MØØMØØ~

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    RenebaeVit më parë

    This song is so cheer full and cute how can people hate it I love it and all mamamoo songs .

  • teastrum
    teastrum2 vjet më parë

    solar have a crush on byul hwasa have a crush on solar and wheein is eating a sandwich :))



    4 muaj më parë


  • Nicky


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    Plot twist: byul has a crush on wheein

  • Zoe


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    Byul being her tomboy self Solar having a crush on byul without knowing “he’s” a girl Heasa having a crush on solar Whee-in have a crush on food like every girl

  • Deku Squad

    Deku Squad

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    and popcorn, and pizza, and also drinking some water

  • kimstylespallet


    Vit më parë

    everyone is clearly relatable.

  • Nurha Syuhada
    Nurha Syuhada10 muaj më parë

    Still the most favorite mamamoo songs till now♡

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    Fayrus Shio Centon SanginesVit më parë

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    kiwi.2 vjet më parë

    Wheein not caring through the whole MV and just eating is such a mood

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    @Blaize Wainwright error 404, this year was a planned joke >.>

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    Blaize Wainwright

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    I guess I'll translate this since I'm Spanish: Ok, básicamente está diciendo que el ver a Wheein comer durante todo el MV sin que le importe una mierda todo lo que ocurre es todo un estado de ánimo (?) Es complicado de traducir ya que la expresión "It's a mood" no existe en español que yo sepa x'd Los edits son agradecimientos por los likes, y el último es explicando que trató de traducir su comentario al español vía Google translate (porque había un hispanohablante que no entendía lo que dijo) y no le fue bien, que básicamente acabó con un sinsentido tras volverlo a traducir al inglés.

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    Here's a like from me.

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    These girls are busy just being funny instead looking cute or expensive *I LOVE THEM* 😭💖

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    Sabbi Tussa4 muaj më parë

    Lmfao it’s been 6 years since this came out and it never fails to make me happy 🥺

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    My Queens 💙💙💚💚

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    ARE YOU READY FOR MAMAMOO COMEBACK? yes yes yesyes yesyes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes yes yesyes yes yes yes yes yesyes #MAMAMOOisCOMING

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    This has got to be the funniest and most inventive Kpop music video ive ever seen lmfao I love this group so much

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    Tremenda actuación se mandaron las MAMAMOO Jajajajajajja Las amo

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  • Mikko Jung 🙋‍♂️
    Mikko Jung 🙋‍♂️6 muaj më parë

    Now I know why the reason they are very UNIQUE than other KPOP Groups. They are very Energetic and Good interacting with Fans on stage.

  • K M
    K M8 muaj më parë

    I would always listen to their live performances.. lockdown 2021.. it never dawned unto me to watch the official mv til now.. I frukin love it lmaooooXDXD wtf HWA SA I STAN THEM NOWWWW lolllll (never been a kpop stan)

  • Calitri Brinson
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    This is only the second song I've heard from them and I love it

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    Moomoos estoy muy contenta Esta cancion ya va a llegar a los 40M Sigamos haciendo str3am Voten por Mamamoo y Hwuasa en los MAMA2020

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    There are three people in a love triangle and then we have wheein eating

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    She's in love with food lmao

  • ありがと really boys 🪐

    ありがと really boys 🪐

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    Mamamoo's Hoe

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    Try dingga there newest song And I loVe hip mv

  • artblock


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    @Tess Crelli basically netizens were bashing jennie for sexualizing nurses in the MV of "lovesick girls" (you can go check it out and decide whether or not she did sexualize them-its quite a sensitive and controversial topic). this led to blinks trying to defend Jennie, and some of them took SNSD and MMM as an example, basically saying "well they also wore nurse outfits and theirs is even more revealing, why do you only bash jennie?" the problem with this is that instead of defending jennie with facts, they dragged other ggs into this instead, basically implying other GG's should also get bashed for wearing controversial outfits (which they have, but blinks decided to conveniently ignore that fact). moomoos got mad because this isn't the first time blinks have dragged MMM into their scandals before, and they're unintentionally making it a problem for MMM, even if their intentions were to defend jennie.

  • Pooja Sahajan

    Pooja Sahajan

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    @Tess Crelli Jennie in love sick girls MV had worn the dress of a nurse and bp was highly criticized in Korea because of this saying that they were sexualising nurses and their profession. But toxic blinks(not all blinks are bad) started attacking mamamoo that in um oh ah yes MV they sexualised nurses, house keeping staff etc by wearing 'inapropriate dresses' and questioned why no one talked about that

  • Tess Crelli

    Tess Crelli

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    Can someone tell me what the "outfit scene" is and the controversy? And why Blinks are somehow involved? I'm super out of the loop.

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    Thank you

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    Mamamoo queens

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    The queens are back!! November 3th. 👑💚

  • Moomoo angel
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    PINKY FUNKY es un album tan divertido, no no no, y freaking shoes son mis canciones favoritas, a parte de este increíble tt

  • Kpop for life no solo toxic fans in my era
    Kpop for life no solo toxic fans in my era4 muaj më parë

    This is the song That got me into mamamoo queens 💕

  • Amel H
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    Okay but they nailed the male roles 😭😭😭😭

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    My number 1 MMM fave M'V 😍😍 funny,creative with sense of humor! ❤❤

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    For me it's Moonbyul but I've been wrecked a lot.

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  • Min Jorah

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  • Min Jorah

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    @RizkyDark yea right

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    Hwasa is my bias with Wheein as a really close second. Solar & Moonbyul are amazing as well though!

  • Georgia
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    This video is soooooo iconic

  • xuanya
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    I hate fanwars. Like kpop is just music, we should be a community. All idols work hard, they’re human, they have emotions. At the end of the day, we just wanna support who we love. And I don’t see why bashing down others can make you better. It’s fine to disagree, but do it with respect. People are allowed to have opinions, as long as they don’t force it on you or anyone else. I also don’t get WHY people hate kpop. Why? It’s just music. The idols work hard just like every creator. Because of the fandom? Only 2% of the fandom is toxic. Because “they’re ugly”? You don’t have the right to judge someone based on their appearance. “Kpop is gay” jeez, I didn’t know music had sexuality. There’s no statement ever made that most idols are gay. Don’t assume their sexuality based on nothing. And what’s wrong with being gay? “They wear makeup” and what’s wrong with that? All celebrities wear make up on stage. They wanna look good for their fans. There’s nothing wrong with cover a pimple. It’s literally pop music, in a different language. It’s fine if you don’t like them, but respect them as human. Don’t jump on the bandwagon of hate. Also a side note for kpop fans: When someone insults your idol/s, don’t insult them back. That makes you just as stupid. Instead, act maturely and EXPLAIN to them why you think they’re wrong. And don’t bring kpop into everything. If you see a bts fan, don’t go “ARMYYYY”, it’s why people hate kpop. It’s annoying. I feel like people always are like “omg talent” Sure, they have talent, but don’t forgot that they spend days and nights practicing. It’s not just talent, it’s hard work too. Also, Ik this is light-hearted. But I think some fans see idols in such a light, that they think they’re gods. (Keep in mind I’m a multi fandom) But theyre is still human. Idols is their jobs. Don’t put yourself down for them. Of course, they done soooo much, they’re so hard working. But everyone still has things they can improve on, including all idols. So please don’t label your idols as “perfect”, label them as “human”. Because they are, they have emotions and can make mistakes. This goes for all groups. Treat idols like human. Because they are. Don’t expect them to be perfect. Because they can’t.

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    Amo mucho esta canción 💖💖💖

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    Never gets tired seeing this mv ❤️

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    Solar is representing everything I feel for Moonbyul in this mv.

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    seriously my equal xd

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    moonbyul brokes my heterossexuality jakaksksksks

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    rith phanet but outside this MV it's the other way around. Moonbyul 》 》 Solar.😂😂

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    except we don't stop just bcuz she's a girl xD

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    hi everyone! Support Mamamoo’s comeback on Sept. 15 with the title track Mumumumuch 😍❤️ Pre order their albums to increase their first day album sales! We can do this moomoos 🔥🔥

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    I want Mamamoo to have more Mv's like this 😿✌️

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  • Family Star Влог

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  • Family Star Влог

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    @Mr Ambiguous 7

  • Family Star Влог

    Family Star Влог

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    Me acabas de joder la sorpresa, sabes

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    is 2021 but i still love that song

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    this song is still my top 3 favourite song tho

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    It's been 5yrs ago but mamamoo - still fresh and youth.

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